Flexible Energy Procurement Plan Delivers Savings & Cost Stability for Large Petrochemical Producer in TX

By August 7, 2020 Case Study

In 2012, a large petrochemical producer in Texas engaged Energy Edge to develop a more comprehensive energy management strategy. This company had, for years, limited their power contracts to short-term ones, but they realized that, in doing so, they were not able to capitalize on low power costs during favorable conditions.

By meeting with various stakeholders within the organization as well as conducting detailed analysis and modeling exercises, Energy Edge was able to assist this petrochemical producer with realigning their energy management strategy to a more cost-effective one.

To learn more about how Energy Edge helped this large petrochemical company enter into a longer-term power contract and realize more than $2 million in savings, download the full case study from the link below.

>> Petrochemical Company – Case Study

Market Alert

Market Alert

If you are a non-residential consumer of power or natural gas in Texas or the Midwest, you may have been exposed to extremely high prices from February 11th to February 21st due to the extreme weather. If you need assistance with any of the following items, please click on the link below:

  • Estimating your invoice
  • Validating utility invoices once issued by your supplier
  • Understanding your contractual rights and remedies
  • Disputes with your supplier

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