Respect Each Other

We know we hire great people.  Each of us should feel comfortable being ourselves at work.  We treat people as equals, irrespective of differences.  We genuinely listen to each other and encourage different views.  We communicate effectively, frequently, and with respect for one another.  We act with honesty and integrity in all that we do.

Commercial Acumen

We are experts in our industry with a curiosity to learn more.  We strive to be the most informed and knowledgeable energy advisory organization.  We can communicate our deep understanding of markets and products in simple and easy to understand terms.

Support and Challenge Each Other

We approach conflict constructively and recognize value in others’ perspectives.  We know we are stronger together and we get results together.


We know that we must always learn and improve.  We are not afraid to admit a deficiency.  It is our responsibility to get better individually and as a company.  We take intelligent risks, try new things, learn from the outcome, and accept that failure is part of the process of improving.


We all take responsibility for achieving the optimal outcome, not just completing a task.  We proactively address issues without being asked by a client or teammate.  We all understand how our individual work fits within the broader scope of the project, client engagement, or company needs as a whole.

Excel for Our Customers

We understand our client’s needs and what drives their business, and we exceed expectations.  We build relationships that are focused on trust and respect.


The Market Edge Blog

November 2, 2020 in News

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October 29, 2020 in News

Fourstones Sapphire Mill Installs 2MW CHP

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