Managing energy is not a once a year process.

For many clients, Energy Edge serves as an in-house energy management team. This entails supporting clients on many day-to-day business needs that range from preparing energy reports for internal purposes to coordinating hardware installations and repairs with local utility companies. Energy Edge also offers a full suite of online invoice support including a best in class bill pay service.

Site & Volume Management

Over the term of an energy supply contract, a client’s business is constantly changing and Energy Edge works diligently to make sure that all supply contracts remain current with the client’s changing needs, including:

  • Monitoring actual consumption against forecasted usage
  • Coordinating meter additions and deletions
  • Assisting in scheduling service outages for maintenance
  • Providing guidance on contract assignments when a facility is sold or purchased

Invoice Validation

When questions or new charges arise on an invoice, Energy Edge investigates the issue and drives it to resolution to ensure our client’s facilities are charged accurately per the terms of each energy supply contract. Energy Edge serves as the client’s customer service advocate, providing:

  • Transmission and Distribution rate validation
  • Invoice dispute resolution
  • A robust online data management platform that helps clients consolidate energy spend and usage data

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting for an unpredictable cost such as energy can be an insurmountable challenge. Energy Edge provides client specific budgeting and forecasting information on an ongoing basis.

  • Fiscal year budgets developed based on contracted rates and/or forward market projections
  • Frequent updates of actual spend compared to budget based on realized costs and changes in forward market conditions
  • Medium to long term forecasts of energy spend to aid in strategic planning and new site location decisions

Information & Payment Services

Energy Edge offers a powerful platform for managing energy billing data across an entire organization for clients who do not have an in-house system. Energy Edge can provide the ProUtility platform to assist in managing utility data across client sites. ProUtility provides robust summary and detail level reporting on usage, costs, charges and a host of other information. ProUtility also provides invoice payment services and can be integrated with a client’s in house accounting platform.


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