If it’s an energy related opportunity or challenge, we can help.

Given the diverse backgrounds of the Energy Edge team we are uniquely positioned to provide in depth analysis on investments in energy technology and business development opportunities in the energy space.

Energy Edge has been retained by a significant number of firms to help assess:

  • Development of renewable energy generation in various geographic markets
  • Requirements and economics associated with becoming a retail energy supplier
  • Investment in solar generation
  • Citing new production/processing facilities within the continental United States

In performing these studies, Energy Edge combines technical knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets with its proprietary market data to develop a financial model forecasting metrics such as:

  • Generation capacity factors
  • Wholesale power purchase agreement valuations
  • Avoided costs and payback horizons
  • Revenues associated with renewable energy credits

Firms such as wholesale generation developers, large end-use consumers and retail energy suppliers are among the firms who have retained Energy Edge to assist with business development opportunities.


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