Unlocking your organization’s demand response potential is Energy Edge’s specialty.

There are numerous opportunities for end use consumers to reduce energy costs and further an overall corporate sustainability strategy through participation in demand response programs. Programs and opportunities differ widely in their value and requirements, and Energy Edge can work with a client to identify what facilities are good candidates for demand response, and what programs may be the best fit.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the various demand response & energy efficiency programs available and the financial value and risks of each
  • Assist clients in understanding business implications of participating in certain programs
  • Develop and implement a customized demand response plan that fits for each participating site
  • Arrange a service provider to provide the scheduling and dispatch services (when required)
  • Assist clients in selecting and managing third party equipment purchases, installations, and ongoing service provider relationships
  • Ongoing review of program changes and regulatory developments to ensure that the clients demand response assets are always receiving the best value available


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