Energy Edge clients have access to relevant market knowledge that empowers their decisions regarding energy risk management. Below are samples of Energy Edge’s most popular reports. These reports are updated constantly and are distributed to our clients on a frequency that fits their needs.

Market Edge Update for Block and Index CustomerCustomized report that shows the specific energy hedge positions of the client, overlaying current market conditions and commentary. This report helps clients identify opportunities to take advantage of favorable prices.
Market Edge Position ReportAllows customers to track their energy hedge positions within their supply contract and estimate their energy spend based on those positions relative to live market conditions.
Market Edge Monthly Usage ReportReport that compares for each location, the year to year monthly usage, demand, and load factor. Client will be able to easily spot sites that have irregularities in their consumption.
Market Edge Target SoftwareEnables customers to set target prices for energy hedges and have Energy Edge monitor market prices, allowing focus on their day-to-day responsibilities while still actively managing their energy spend.
NYMEX Natural Gas CurvesSeries of graphs that analyze NYMEX gas values over time from different perspectives.
NYMEX Natural Gas StripsDaily Report that calculates average gas prices for multiple terms and start dates.
Balancing Market DataSeries of daily and monthly graphs that analyze Real Time and Day Ahead prices, congestion between Hub and Load Zones, and price differential between the two markets over time. The sample report is for ERCOT, but similar reports are produced for all other markets.
Storage ReportWeekly report that informs customers of working gas in storage according to EIA estimates, compares to last year’s and historical values, and displays impact to current gas market prices after storage number is released.
Site List ReportSummary of sites under management, including contract details and expiration dates.
Budget ReportReport that estimates monthly energy costs per location. The sample report is for electricity, but similar reports are produced for other commodities.